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HIGHLIGHTS: Unique Noon-Ceremony, Massive Underground Network


A pleasant 96 km drive through many beautiful paddy fields heading northwest of Saigon, you are going to visit a massive part cathedral and part temple Cao Dai Holy See – located in Tay Ninh province.Cao Daiism, a relatively new religion found in 1926 in the South of Vietnam, has attracted more than 2.5 million followers across the country and overseas. It is in fact a combination of the best from Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, with Christianity and Islam thrown in for good reasons. Their hierarchy closely resembles the Roman Catholic Church and their colour scheme seems lifted straight from a Hindu Temple. Yet the religion’s philosophy fits very well into the world’s current religious turmoils. It is worth every minute for visitors to come witness the unique, colorful, musical and mysterious noon- ceremony.

After lunch we will head to Cuchi, once called "the Iron Triangle" and was the termination of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The tunnels were designed by local guerrillas as a “springboard for attacking Saigon.” The area was used for infiltrating Saigon-intelligence agents, part cadres, and sabotage teams. The Tết Offensive of 1968 was prepared and the necessary troops and supplies assembled in the Củ Chi tunnels.The tunnels were used by Viet Cong guerrillas as hiding spots during combat, as well as serving as communication and supply routes, hospitals, food and weapon caches and living quarters for numerous guerrilla fighters. The role of the tunnel systems was so important to the Viet Cong in resisting American operations and protracting the war, eventually persuading the weary Americans into withdrawal. Some tunnels have been made larger to accommodate the larger sized western tourists, while low-power lights have been installed in several of them to make traveling through them easier and booby traps have been clearly marked

- Proper dressing, no T-shirt & shorts, is a must for entering the temple
- People with any heart-complications or claustrophobia should not go through the tunnels. Going down and have some photos taken should be fine
- Visitors can fire some old types of rifle at Cuchi shooting range.( Extra pay )


Group size 2 person 3 person 4-8 person
Price / person $85/person $65/person $55/person

INCLUSION: Private vehicle, English speaking guide, Entrance fees, mineral water served on car
EXCLUSION: Lunch, Soft-drink, Travel insurance, Tip, or any other expenses are not mentioned