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Ben Duoc: The Ultimate Cu Chi Tunnel Tour

Ben Duoc is the tunnels for locals that most people don't know about. Rougher and unaltered for tourists. Let us show you how the ingenious people of Cu Chi survived in the harshest of environment and conquered enemies while facing unbelievable odds. Most visitors to Vietnam do not know that there are 2 different Cu Chi tunnels sites; one unaltered for locals (BEN DUOC), and the very touristy (BEN DINH), where most other tourist companies take their guests to. KIM TRAN Travel's "Ultimate Cu Chi tunnels" tour is designed to take in a different direction  to the typical tourist route, as we divert from the crowds and specially constructed tunnels of Ben Dinh, and visit the unchanged site preferred by the locals. Part of a complex system of underground passageways built for daily-life as well as military strategy, the Cu Chi tunnels celebrate the skill and ingenuity of the Vietnamese people in overcoming incredible odds



Our trip begins at 8am with a two hour drive through the modern mayhem of hectic Saigon, into the rustic rurality of Cu Chi. Along the way we'll keep you entertained with tales about the area's turbulent history, about the lives and grinds of its people. Just 30 minutes further from the typically-visited tunnels of Ben Dinh, we will arrive in Ben Duoc, the one which other companies tend to avoid due to the extra distance of about 20km. Here, you'll learn what life was truly like in these enemy named "black echo" mazes, as we guide you through the historic grounds - and into the ground, if you dare ! Model-home and display area shows of daily lives and survival means, and an ornate memorial temple commemorating those who dies make this site particularly enlightening.

Relax by the riverside and enjoy a scenic lunch of the kind eaten in the area for centuries. After lunch, we'll make our way back to Saigon on a different route to which we came, arriving at your hotel at around 4pm.

GROUP SIZE 2 person 3 person 4 person
5 person 6 person 7-9 person
PRICE $80/person $70/person $60/person $55/person $50/person $45/person

Inclusion: Private vehicle, English speaking guide, Tunnels entrance fee, Lunch, Bottled water

Exclusion: Travel insurance, Tip, Other are not mentioned in the above