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Cu Chi Tunnels & City tours

Tour code : CFK-SOP02
Route : Saigon - Cuchi - Saigon
Duration : 1 Day
Depart From : Your hotel
Return To : Your hotel
Departure day : DAILY
Price from : Call
We will explore history’s more ferocious aspect by taking a “back-to-the-past” trip to the infamous tunnels, which played an extremely important role in Vietnamese’s triumphant resistance against the Americans unyielding attacks. You will learn how Viet Cong soldiers lived and coped with the difficulties presented, and how the tunnels had been so-cleverly built and been able to withstand numerous raids and assaults, despite the American’s ever-growing efforts to bring them down. 
After lunch, we'll take you on a pleasant tour to the landmarks of Saigon, places that have witnessed the ups and downs of a country, and have become anchors that link the past and the present. We will find out their histories, their charms and how life has become around them now. If we have to describe this tour in one line, that would be “a perfect introduction to Vietnamese history”