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Cu Chi Tunnels & City tours

Tour name : Ben Duoc: The Ultimate Cu Chi Tunnel Tour
Tour code : KTT-BDTT
Route : Saigon - Cuchi - Saigon
Duration : 1 Day
Depart From : Sai gon
Return To : Sai gon
Departure day :
Price from : Call

Ben Duoc is the tunnels for locals that most people don't know about. Rougher and unaltered for tourists. Let us show you how the ingenious people of Cu Chi survived in the harshest of environment and conquered enemies while facing unbelievable odds. Most visitors to Vietnam do not know that there are 2 different Cu Chi tunnels sites; one unaltered for locals (BEN DUOC), and the very touristy (BEN DINH), where most other tourist companies take their guests to. KIM TRAN Travel's "Ultimate Cu Chi tunnels" tour is designed to take in a different direction  to the typical tourist route, as we divert from the crowds and specially constructed tunnels of Ben Dinh, and visit the unchanged site preferred by the locals. Part of a complex system of underground passageways built for daily-life as well as military strategy, the Cu Chi tunnels celebrate the skill and ingenuity of the Vietnamese people in overcoming incredible odds